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GW6-15 Hybrid Waterless Urinal System


A smaller version of the long-established GW6 cartridge, the GW6-15 is designed to fit urinals that take a 1.5" BSP waste outlet. It has been thoroughly tested at customer sites and in the laboratory, with many refinements being made since its introduction in 2017. The GW6-15 allows odour-free operation in waterless urinals as well as those being flushed, even if only once per week. It also works with normal flush frequencies but the main purpose of the cartridge is usually to save water, and therefore reduce carbon footprint. The GW6-15 is also ideal for use in sinks and drinking fountains in cases where an alternative to a u-bend is desired.

A special silicone formula used in production of the dual "skirt" valves gives good tolerance of common cleaning chemicals within the pH range of 4 to 10.  Typical life is 6 to 12 months but harsher cleaning products may reduce this.

- GW6-15 valve core cartridge with dual chemical-resistant silicone skirts
- waste outlet BSP 1.5", 80mm tail with thread break at 50mm
- backnut and washer

- typically lasts 4 to 6 months
- no chemical sealant required
- unique and patented 'dual skirt' valve to prevent odours
- unique and patented 'snorkel valve' to adjust for pressure and increase drainage rate
- tolerant of common cleaning chemicals
- tolerant of sluicing or flushing to help keep waste pipes clear - drainage rate of over 9 litres/min
- can be used as waterless or with flushing (no trap or u-bend required)
- relatively small disposable component and long life reduces impact on landfill
- extensively tested in the field and in the laboratory (see test results in PDF)

About GW6-15, including test results

Recommended to be used in conjunction with Bactericidal Cleaner; sluicing once every 2  to 4 weeks, to extend valve life and keep waste pipes clear. If Bactericidal Cleaner is not available, use soap and warm water instead.
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