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  Retrofit Waterless Urinal Products   
How to convert a urinal to waterless
YouTube video of an Aquafree unit being retrofitted into a urinal
Procedures for converting urinals to waterless
"Dead-legs" explained
Cleaning and maintenance guidance
YouTube video of urinal with Aquafree system being dosed/sluiced
YouTube video of Aquafree cartridge being changed
  Aridian/Falcon Related Products  
Aridian Brochure
Aridian FAQs
How to change a Falcon Waterfree cartridge
YouTube video of changing a Falcon cartridge
About Falcon cartridges in freezing conditions
About the GW6 cartridge
YouTube video of fitting a GW6 cartridge into an Aridian urinal bowl
GW6 Cleaning and Maintenance Guide
  YouTube video of replacing GW6 valve core
  Uridan Products  
Uridan brochure
Installation guide for Admiral ceramic model - concealed/horizontal waste pipe
Installation guide for Admiral GRP models - concealed/horizontal waste pipe
Installation guides for Cadet ceramic models - concealed/horizontal and visible/vertical 
Installation guides for Cadet GRP models - concealed/horizontal and visible/vertical waste
Installation guide for Crewtrough 1200mm
Installation guide for Crewtrough 1800mm
Installation guide for Crewtrough 2400mm
Instructions for the Uridan maintenance procedures
YouTube video of servicing/maintenance procedures
    How to identify and resolve urinal odour problems