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GW6 Long-Life Waterless Urinal Cartridge for Aridian



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GW6V valve core
The GW6 cartridge fits Aridian waterless urinal bowls and others that take 118mm diameter cartridges. It is tolerant of the standard cleaning chemicals and practices that may have a detrimental impact on the performance of other types of waterless urinal system. This product now includes the latest version of the GW6 valve core launched in December 2016, with the special pressure release system for greater drain pressure tolerance and increased flow rate. 

Ideal for sites where:

  • odours are perceived to be a problem because of sealant degraded by the use of incompatible cleaning chemicals
  • the cost of consumables and servicing is considered to be unacceptable
  • blockages occur regularly in waste pipes

Note: At the request of some trade customers, this cartridge is also available without any brand markings on the cartridge. "GW6"  is a registered trademark of Gentworks Ltd.

This unit is tolerant of most standard cleaning chemicals and water but avoid using bleach and cleaning products with more than 10% acid content.  Harsh cleaning products may reduce the life of the silicone valves within this cartridge. 


  • replaceable valve core typically lasts over 6 months, and up to to 1 year
  • unique 'dual skirt' valve to prevent odours
  • unique pressure equalisation system to increase flow
  • no chemical sealant required
  • tolerant of regular sluicing to help keep waste pipes clear
  • when the included GW6 valve core eventually needs replacing, it is simple to change by just using a standard crosshead screwdriver
  • cartridge housing is push-fit but can be easily removed in the unlikely event of damage. (Anchoring barbs are designed to harmlessly break-off.) 

Click here for further details on the GW6 Fitting and maintenance guidance
Replaceable valve cores from £34 (excl.VAT) Twice yearly servicing by Gentworks available
Recommended to be used in conjunction with Bactericidal Cleaner; sluicing once every 2 to 4 weeks to help keep waste pipes free from blockages.
Pack Code GW6X1
Delivery Time 1 to 2 working days
Number of GW6 cartridges = # of urinals. (Includes first valve core already fitted in cartridge; typically lasts over 6 mths)
Replacement GW6V valve core (typically needed after 6 to 12 mths)
Bactericidal Cleaner for sluicing and/or cleaning (not essential but recommended to help keep waste pipes clear and maximise life of the valve core)
  • Pack Price (ex Vat): £39
    (incl VAT): £46.80
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