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Cornplastic Biodegradable UMD Replacement Cartridge Packs
Pack sizes:
Cornplastic replacement cartridges are available in the pack sizes of 1, 4, 12, 24 and 32 units.  Please use the drop down below to select the pack size required. Note that cartridges supplied have a shelf-life of approximately 15 months when stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
Pack includes:
An alternative to the Aquafree UMD, the Cornplastic Urinal Maintenance Device cartridge also dispenses beneficial microbes and other active ingredients over a 3 month period.  The casing, however, is made from renewable energy cornplastic (PLA) conforming to the ISO 14001 standard. The cartridge will completely biodegrade within 1 year, under normal landfill conditions, reducing the impact on the environment.
(If you do not already have waterless cartridges installed, then you will need an Installation Pack or Waterless Start-up Kit.)
Cartridges should be changed every 3 months. To do this, wearing suitable gloves, simply pull vertically the used cartridge out for disposal and insert the new replacement cartridge.  The cartridges reduce the incidence of smells, blockages and, of course, water consumption.  The contents of the cartridge are designed to break down  urine and prevent odours. However, they are not able to break down hair and other debris likely to enter the waste pipes, therefore,
A. Waterless: It is essential to "dose" the urinal weekly a very simple task.  For each urinal, mix 100ml of Gentworks Bactericidal Cleaner with  900ml warm water from the washroom hot tap. Pour the resulting 1 litre of diluted solution over and around the head of the cartridge. There is no need to remove the cartridge before doing so.  The urinal should be cleaned regularly with Gentworks Bactericidal Cleaner (same dilution as for dosing).
B. Low-Flushing: Twice per day is normally sufficient once the cornplastic UMD is fitted, although some users prefer to flush up to 6 times per day. Please click here to view electronic flush controllers able to control flushing in this way.  Alternatively, many other models can have the sensor disabled so that only a hygiene/janitorial flush occurs every 12 hours. The urinal should be cleaned with Gentworks Bactericidal Cleaner, Gentworks Bio-Blue, or another neutral cleaning product.
Cleaning products containing acids, strong alkalis and bleaches must not be used as these will kill the active ingredients contained in the cartridge and may quickly lead to odours and blockages.
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