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Flush Controllers
Most flush controllers use sensors to detect usage of the urinals and then cause a flush within a specified period, usually 20 minutes. When used with urinal sleeve products such as Gentworks UMDs, such frequent flushing is not only unnecessary but actually prevents them from working. The beneficial microbes dispensed by UMDs take more than 2 hours to begin the process of breaking down urine. Flushing more regularly than once every 4 hours will actually reduce their effectiveness. The only reason that any flushing is required is to push the hair and other debris down the waste pipes that the microbes are unable to break down. The flush controllers below are designed to allow for long intervals between flushes.
 Image Product Min. Interval Max. Interval  Comments
 (battery operated)
1 hour 15 hours
  • ideal for use with Gentworks UMDs and other urinal sleeves
  • proven to be extremely reliable - used in water saving projects by Gentworks engineers since 2001
  • flush interval should be set to between 4 and 12 hours
(battery operated)
1 day 15 days
  • for use with Gentworks UMDs, reprogrammed version of the "Gentworks Low Flush", so inherently reliable.
  • most commonly used as a "back-up" for waterless urinals where there are concerns that the required weekly dosing procedure will not be adhered to. A weekly flush will help wash away any hair and debris in the waste pipes if someone forgets to dose.
  • can also be used for urinals with low traffic without dosing, set on 1 flush per day
  • as cistern and downpipes are being regularly purged, a risk assessment will usually conclude that a dead-leg procedure is not required, i.e. the water supply pipes do not need to be drained and capped.


Flush Controller Batteries
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