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Bio-Blue Microbiological Washroom Cleaner
Bio-Blue Microbiological Washroom Cleaner
Gentworks Bio-Blue (Anti Scale) is a good all round cleaner, but is particularly effective at combating the odours found in gents washrooms. Bio-Blue penetrates deep into porous surfaces such as tile grout and other hard to clean areas and when used regularly, neutralises odours at source. The microbiological action converts stale urea into harmless carbon dioxide and water to leave the area fresh and hygienically clean. The product is supplied as a concentrate.
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Recommended uses:
- Urinal cleaning, 5:1 dilution to 10:1 dilution
- General washroom surface cleaning, 10:1 to 20:1 dilution
- Compatible with most waterless and low flushing urinal systems
- Excellent for washrooms on boats and combats odours from bilge water

- Easy to use
- Eliminates source of bad odours
- Environmentally friendly
- Emits a pleasant fragrance
- Does not contain aggressive or corrosive substances (pH=4.5 before dilution)
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