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Safety Data Sheets

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The links below are to PDF versions of Safety Data Sheets for use in COSHH assessments.

Product Image Description with link to PDF Product Code (if applicable)
Biostick for Aquafree pepperpot model (Now 2000)  BIOSTICK
Bactericidal Cleaner BC5L
Bio-Blue Microbiological Cleaner BBAS5L
Bio-Fizz Tablets BIOFIZZ
Bio-Productions Bio-Blocks BPTOSSBLOCK
Bio-Productions Urinal Screen with Block BP-URISCREEN
Extra-Strength Bio-Blocks BIO-02
Falcon Waterfree "Allseal" Sealant UNIGEL1
Uriclean for Uridan Urinals URICLEAN
Urilock Sealant for Uridan Urinals URILOCK
Blue Bio-Blocks in UMD Models C and R  
Green Bio-Blocks in Aquafree UMD models A and S  
Nviroclean for Warterless Urinals NVIROCLEAN946
Blueseal Waterless Urinal Sealant BLUESEAL...