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Cleaning and Maintenance Products
5 litre containers of the cleaning fluids below are available in packs of 1, 4, 12, 24 and 32. Per litre prices range from £4.00 down to £2.40 depending upon the volume purchased. Bio-Blue Microbiological Cleaner is best for urinals that are being flushed whilst Bactericidal Cleaner is very popular for waterless urinals. The Bio-Fizz descale tables are useful as an additional measure to help prevent blockages in all types of urinals.
IMPORTANT: Gentworks recommends that  Aridian bowls fitted with Falcon cartridges and Uridan waterless urinals are not sluiced with chemicals whilst the cartridge and/or sealant is in place. They just need to be cleaned by wiping the surface, allowing as little as possible of any cleaning fluid to flow into the cartridge. This is because the sealant in the trap may be degraded by cleaning chemicals and need replacing. Chemical sluicing is only recommended when the urinals are serviced and before the barrier-fluid is added. The retrofit waterless systems and the GW6 products are fully compatible with regular sluicing.
Pack Price (ex Vat): £26
Pack Price (ex Vat): £24
Pack Price (ex Vat): £24
Nviroclean Waterless Urinal Cleaner
Pack Code: NVIROCLEAN946
Pack Price (ex Vat): £23
Pack Price (ex Vat): £16
Pack Price (ex Vat): £22