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The Aquafree Urinal Maintenance Device is one of the most popular and best known models of waterless urinal conversion system. The combination of simple but effective cartridge design and powerful, complex microbiological block has proven itself over many years. Gentworks has been a leading installer and maintainer of Aquafree waterless urinals since 2003. Replacement cartridges and accessories are always in stock for delivery within 2 working days via UPS couriers. Click here for more information on the current Aquafree retrofit system for standard urinals.

Aquafree Cartridge Packs
Pack Code: UMDARX1
Aquafree Installation Packs
Pack Code: UMDAC38SX1
Pack Price (ex Vat): £20
Pack Price (ex Vat): £22
Pack Price (ex Vat): £42
Spectrum Cartridge
Pack Code: UMDSPECX1
Pack Price (ex Vat): £30
Pack Price (ex Vat): £22