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Falcon Velocity Replacement Cartridge for Aridian (S6282)
Falcon Velocity Replacement Cartridge for Aridian (S6282)
The Falcon Waterfree Velocity is the NEW design of replacement cartridge ("urinal filter") for Aridian and Falcon urinal bowls. The prior version S6282 "Legacy" Falcon cartridge (C1M2+) is no longer manufactured and therefore will only be available while stocks last. The manufacturer says that the Velocity cartridge lasts longer than the previous model due to faster flow through the internal trap and less splashing within the trap cavity, resulting in slower build-up. It is also easier to identify when the cartridge needs replacing  because the blue sealant fluid will cover an "indicator" when the cartridge is full. All the details on the Velocity cartridge can be viewed by clicking on the PDF links below.
Every cartridge box includes:
- Falcon Waterfree Velocity cartridge for use with Armitage Shanks Aridian or Falcon Waterfree urinals
- Sachet of Sealant
- Metal Cartridge Key
  About the Velocity Cartridge
  Frequently Asked Questions
  Cleaning and Maintenance
- Plastic Gloves for handling used cartridge
- Sanitary Bag for disposal of used cartridge
- Instruction Sheet
From £32.00 per cartridge (excluding VAT)
Pack Size:
Choose packs of 1, 4, 8, 12, 16 or 24 cartridges to take advantage of applicable volume discounts. Click here for cases of 32 to get maximum discount (£32 per cartridge) and FREE DELIVERY.
Safety Data Sheet
 Click PDF icon to view and save safety data sheet
Pack Code S6282X1
Delivery Time 1 to 2 working days
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