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Spectrum Cartridge
Spectrum Cartridge
The Twyford Spectrum bowl (shown left) can be challenging to maintain because, rather than a regular 38mm drain at the bottom of the bowl, it has a smaller 32mm drain at the rear which is particularly prone to blockages. The Aquafree Spectrum Urinal Maintenance Device is designed to fit snugly into this drain hole, helping to prevent debris entering the waste pipes whilst dispensing the active ingredients to combat blockages and odours.
(Note that the Twyford Spectrum bowl is shown for illustrative purposes only.)
Pack Sizes:
Spectrum cartridges are available in the pack sizes of 1, 4, 12, 24 and 32 units. Please use the drop down at the bottom of this page to select the pack size required. Note that cartridges supplied have a shelf-life of approximately 15 months.
The Spectrum cartridge is simply inserted into the 32mm drain hole of the Twyford Spectrum urinal bowl.  The contents of the cartridge are designed to break down  urine and reduce the potential for odours and blockages. However, they are not able to break down hair and other debris likely to enter the waste pipes. So, it is essential to "dose" the urinal weekly -  a very simple task.  For each urinal, mix 100ml of Gentworks Bactericidal Cleaner with  900ml warm water from the washroom hot tap. Pour the resulting 1 litre of diluted solution over and around the head of the cartridge. There is no need to remove the cartridge before doing so.  Alternatively, these cartridges can be used in "low-flushing" mode, flushed approximately once every 4 to 12 hours.
Most urinal odour problems, waterless or not, result from poor cleaning practices.  The urinal should be cleaned regularly with Gentworks Bactericidal Cleaner (same dilution as for dosing), Gentworks Bio-Blue or another neutral cleaning product. Cleaning products containing acids, strong alkalis and bleaches must not be used as these will kill the active ingredients contained in the Aquafree Urinal Maintenance Device and may well lead to odours and blockages.
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