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GW6-15 Valve Core
GW6-15 Valve Core

This is the replacement valve core cartridge for the Tanami waterless urinals and other bowls fitted with the GW6-15 or GW15 systems. It includes the same "snorkel valve" technology as its larger cousin, the GW6, giving more than 9 litres per minute drainage. The latest GW6-15 also has much greater resistance to bleach due to the two valves in the housing being manufactured with a special silicone formula. 

Click here for retrofit kit used to install the GW6-15 for the first time.

The GW6-15 has been designed to allow odour-free operation in waterless urinals as well as those urinals being flushed only every few hours or days. 

The unit has good tolerance of most standard cleaning chemicals with a pH of 4 to 10. Harsher cleaning products may reduce the life of the silicone valves within this cartridge. 

- typically lasts 4 to 6 months
- no chemical sealant required
- unique 'dual skirt' valve to prevent odours
- tolerant of sluicing or flushing to help keep waste pipes clear
- drainage rate of over 9 litres/min
About GW6-15, including test results- can be used as waterless or with flushing (no trap or u-bend required)
- relatively small disposable component and long life reduces impact on landfill

Recommended to be used in conjunction with Bactericidal Cleaner; sluicing once every 2  to 4 weeks, to extend valve life and keep waste pipes clear. If Bactericidal Cleaner is not available, use soap and warm water instead.

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